Diagram Library

Browse our collection of diagrams for popular campus event venues and find a setup to use for your next event.

Click on a location below to find setups for common event types and options with various attendance numbers. These are available for download or simply as reference, you are not required to select from these options.

NOTE: Most venues have an inventory of round tables, banquet tables and chairs but rentals might be required for certain set-ups and large events. Any rented furniture will be an additional expense.

BU departments: Please carefully consider your events needs when selecting a diagram. Contact the FM&O Area Manager well in-advance of your event to discuss your event including any modifications to a diagram and to determine if furniture rentals will be necessary. You can download and attach the PDF when submitting your FSR or when emailing the FM&P Area Manager. FSR custodial estimates are provided by the Area Manager and charges vary. It’s also a great idea to provide the diagram to your other service providers such as Catering and LETS.