Trainee Spotlight – Gabby Grifno

For Thursday, April 6th we are putting the spotlight on Gabby Grifno, a member of the Nia Lab under PI Dr. Hadi Nia. The Nia Lab lab conducts research at the interface of physical sciences and molecular biology in both whole functional lungs and in vitro models of cancer, with a focus on links between mechanical forces and cell biology in health across multiple scales (e.g., molecular, cellular, and whole organ levels), and multi-settings (e.g., in silico, in vitro, and in vivo). Current projects focus on studying lung mechanobiology in health, in cancer and in acute injury using our novel “crystal ribcage” platform, for imaging the whole, functional mouse lung ex vivo. Gabby is also one of our Trainee Leaders, and has done a lot to support the Center and her fellow trainees!


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