LEND Fellowship

The LEND Fellowship aims to develop academic and leadership skills and substantive knowledge in the area of disability-related health policy. This Fellowship, offered to 1-2 students per year, is a collaboration with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Fellowship Program at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, based at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester, MA). Fellows gain in-depth knowledge of family centered, culturally competent practice and policies as they relate to issues of health disparities in disability communities.

Director: Emily Feinberg, ScD, CPNP, MSN

Program Details

LEND Fellows receive:

  • Coursework credits toward the fulfillment of SPH graduation requirements
  • A $12,000 stipend through LEND*
  • A LEND certificate demonstrating advanced leadership training in neuro-developmental and related disabilities

*The LEND program is supported by a federal HRSA/MCHB grant, and as such financial support is available only to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.


The Fellow will join the LEND program (located in Worcester, MA) each Friday for an academic year (September-June) to take:

  • LEND core curriculum classes (including topic-focused classes on policy, legal, and management issues related to disability populations); and
  • A year-long Maternal and Child Health Leadership Seminar. The Fellow’s SPH practicum requirement may be fulfilled through a mentored experience working with a disability organization.

Interested students must demonstrate:

  • A commitment to improving the status of people with disabilities
  • At least two years of relevant field or clinical experience

How to Apply

Interested students must apply to the LEND Fellowship in January of the first year of their academic studies and should plan to allow at least two years total to complete their MPH degree. The application is now closed. 

Students   who   are   interested   in   this   opportunity   should   speak   with  Emily Feinberg and their advisor. Decisions regarding Fellow selection will be made collaboratively by the BU and UMass programs.