All students participate in the MCBB Graduate Student Seminar that consists of one required weekly seminar, and a number of optional seminars and colloquia.

Required Seminar

CM/MCBB Graduate Student Seminar (BI 583/584)

This seminar is the keystone of the Program. It offers a chance each week for students in the biological sciences and faculty to meet, and creates a forum for the exchange of ideas. Ph.D. students annually present their laboratory research. MA students must also attend. Meets Friday at 12:20pm in LSE B01; Schedule

Optional Seminars

Biology Seminar Series

A colloquium of outside speakers from various fields related to Biology. Meets Monday at 12:20pm in LSE 103. Students are also encouraged to collectively invite 1-2 speakers in this seminar series each year; Schedule

Biomedical Engineering Seminars

Bioinformatics Graduate Program Seminars 

This series is run by the Graduate Program in Bioinformatics and System Biology Program; Schedule

BU-BMC Cancer Seminar Series

Schedule and more details

Chemistry Department Seminars

Graduate Program in Neuroscience (GPN) Seminars

Schedule and more details

Systems Biology Seminars

Thursdays at 12:45pm in LSE 103; Schedule and more details