Abigail Descoteaux (she/her)

PhD candidate, Bradham Lab

  • Title PhD candidate, Bradham Lab
  • Education BA, Biology, Vassar College
    MA, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry, Boston University

My work uses the sea urchin species Lytechinus variegatus to explore questions surrounding cell migration, biomineralization, and patterning during embryonic development and skeletogenesis. To investigate the temporal dynamics of normal and perturbed skeletal patterning in this system, I have refined a technique for using calcium-binding fluorochromes in nested pulse-chase experiments. I am also characterizing the role of chemokine signaling via a novel chemokine-like factor in sea urchin embryonic development; in particular, I am interested in its role in directing primary mesenchyme cell migration and subsequent skeletal patterning.

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