Event sponsored by the Kohley/Herold Family Fund

We would like to acknowledge all of the donors that made this day possible:

  • William Murphy
  • Jeffrey Kohley
  • Ronald Herold
  • Patrick Connors
  • Bridget Writt
  • Kristen Brendle
  • Mike Maires
  • Nanette Tingley
  • Yue Wang
  • Hanyu Xue
  • Yajie Zhang
  • Jingping Wang
  • Dahui Qi
  • Ran Tao
  • Jacob Dewitz
  • Ziqing Li
  • Fengqing Qie
  • Josh Kelman
  • Min Chen
  • Hua Che
  • Anonymous Donors


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Meet Tiantian Li, this week’s featured MBS student! Tiantian is a junior studying neuroscience and economics. She works at the Boston University Cognition and Decision Lab where she studies how humans make decisions and how we handle tough situations through cognition. Her passion for neuroscience is put forth not only in her job at the Lab, but in the Mind and Brain Society. She is currently on the E-Board as Secretary, and next semester will take on the role as Vice President.

“Brain science education is extremely important, because everyone deserves to benefit from a basic understanding of one of the most precious organs of our body. It is a shame that neuroscience is so underrepresented in our education system and that only a selective group of people are involved in conversations about the mind and the brain. Brain Day is a unique opportunity for students and educators to bridge this gap. Cutting-edge science should not only be accessible to people who spend years studying the topic. I believe that becoming a prolific scientist should also come with the responsibility of sharing discoveries, and pushing the boundaries of scientific literacy and advancement among the general public.”-Tiantian Li

This Saturday, April 7th, Mind and Brain Society will be hosting its annual Brain Day, which Tiantian has been organizing and promoting on campus and off. Brain Day is an opportunity for Bostonians to learn more about the implications of the brain and nervous system. There will be stations staffed by BU undergraduates as well as a panel of neuroscience professionals to discuss their areas of interest and career paths. Come to Brookline High School from 11am-2pm April 7th!



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