The Mind and Brain Society (MBS) was founded in the fall of 2008 in concert with Boston University’s new undergraduate program in Neuroscience. The group aims to create a network for undergraduate students who wish to actively participate in current issues and research.


Mission and Execution

The Mind and Brain Society (MBS) aims to support an eager undergraduate community with conversations and resources that are fundamental to Neuroscience today. Our mission statement reads as follows:

The purpose of this organization is to enhance knowledge of the brain sciences by bringing together students and professionals from various academic backgrounds.

Throughout the academic year, MBS hosts lectures, research presentations, educational outreach programs, and social events. The MBS divisions — the Nerve and Synaptic Connection — give members the opportunity to publish their own works, receive mentorship from upperclassmen in the Neuroscience and Neurobiology departments, and gain peer-mentorship experience.



The Mind and Brain Society holds about three big events, three small events, and three general body meetings every semester. These events add up to points that general members can use to claim benefits at the end of the year.

MBS also allows members to join the MBS Divisions: The Nerve and Synaptic Connection. Members receive additional points for fulfilling the requirements of these divisions.



All events and initiatives fall into the following four categories: education, writing and design, community, and career development.

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