Comm Ave Fest 2023 graphic. Details in the text.


  1. Terrier Tailgate
    Nickerson Field, 285 Babcock St

    All Terriers old and new will experience the excitement of cheering on the men’s soccer team in a game as they take on UMass Lowell. Fans can enjoy free food, giveaways, and more!
  2. Arts Alive!
    CFA Parking Lot, 855 Comm Ave

    Immerse yourself in BU’s arts scene as we come together for a snack and a collaborative arts experience!
  3. Cultural Kaleidoscope
    Booth Theater Plaza, 820 Comm Ave

    Take a break from the sun to explore the cultural richness of our community. This is the place for you to engage in identity-based activities and enjoy some nosh. All set to chill music to set the mood!
  4. Greetings, GSU!
    GSU Plaza, 775 Comm Ave

    At the center of campus, the GSU is the heartbeat of student life. Stop by to meet the folks and offices that make up the George Sherman Union!
  5. Mix & Marsh
    Marsh Plaza, 735 Comm Ave

    You’re now part of a huge, vibrant community but no need to feel overwhelmed. Connect with a variety of resources and leaders who will make you feel at home!
  6. Beach Bash
    BU Beach, 270 Bay State Rd

    Don’t grow up so fast! Relive some of your favorite childhood moments with carnival activities, food, AND a lively DJ set.
  7. Groovy Green
    COM Lawn, 640 Comm Ave

    After a long day, you might just need to hang back and replenish your battery. Get a taste of the local music scene, along with a quick bite and craft activity!