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Mathematics and Education

Requirements for a Joint Concentration in Mathematics and Mathematical Education (1706)

This program combines a general bachelor’s degree mathematics program with the mathematics education courses required for high school teaching certification. Advisors in both the CAS Mathematics Department and the SED Mathematics Education Department should be consulted, as the scheduling of course programs requires careful planning.

Required Courses:

  • CAS MA 123 Calculus I
  • CAS MA 124 Calculus II
  • CAS MA 213 Basic Statistics & Probability
  • CAS MA 225 Multivariate Calculus
  • CAS MA 226 Differential Equations
  • CAS MA 242 Linear Algebra
  • CAS MA 293 Discrete Mathematics
  • CAS MA 341 Number Theory
  • CAS MA 505 History of Mathematics
  • CAS MA 528 Introduction to Modern Geometry OR
    SED ME 559 Math for Teachers: Geometry
  • CAS MA 541 Modern Algebra I

One additional course must be chosen from the following list: CS 111, PY 211, and any math course numbered 200 or above.

Note: The following substitutions are permitted: MA 123–124 can be replaced by either MA 127 or MA 129, and MA 225, 226, and 242 can be replaced by MA 230, 231, and 442 respectively. SED ED 100 is normally taken in the first year; it can be taken in the second year. SED ED 400 is taken in the junior year. SED ME 547, SED ME 563, SED CT 575, SED ME 508, math teaching practicum (second semester of the senior year; on-site practice in teaching).