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Mathematics and Computer Science

Requirements for a Joint Concentration in Mathematics and Computer Science

Below is the complete and accurate list of degree requirements for the MA/CS joint major effective Fall 2019.  The MA/CS joint major program page on the CAS Bulletin will reflect this list in June 2020.  Until then, please only refer to the below list or the list on Computer Science’s website when referencing degree requirements for the MA/CS major. 

  • Lower Division
    • MA 123: Calculus and MA 124: Calculus II or one (1) of the following:
    • MA 127 Enriched Calculus, MA 129 Honors Calculus, or equivalent
    • MA 225: Multivariate Calculus
    • MA 242: Linear Algebra
    • MA 293: Discrete Math OR CS 131: Combinatoric Structures
    • MA 294: Applied Abstract Algebra
    • MA 581: Probability* OR CS 237: Probability in Computing
    • CS 111: Intro to CS I
    • CS 112: Intro to CS II
    • CS 210: Computer Systems

*MA 581 can be counted as either 1) the probability requirement and as a 200+ level math course OR 2) the probability requirement and as part of the two-course sequence 581 + 582/3

  • Upper Division
    • CS 330: Intro to Analysis of Algorithms
    • Two of the following:
      • CS 320: Concepts of Programming Languages
      • CS 332: Elements of the Theory of Computation
      • CS 350: Fundamentals of Computing Systems
    • Two (2) CS courses level 400 or above
    • Two (2) MA courses level 200 or above
    • One two-course sequence selected from:
      • MA 531/532: Mathematical Logic/Foundations of Mathematics
      • MA 541/542: Modern Algebra I & II
      • MA 555/556: Numerical Analysis I & II
      • MA 569/570: Optimization Methods of Operations Research/Stochastic Methods of Operations Research
      • MA 581/582/583: Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Introduction to Stochastic Processes (any two)

Advising and Course Planning

As a Math/CS Major, you will initially be assigned a CS faculty advisor who will help you each semester to choose your classes as well as provide career advice. Please contact the CS department with your general advising inquiries here  

After you’ve been assigned your CS advisor, please contact anyone of our mathematics advisors listed here who can provide  in-depth information regarding the mathematics portion of your degree.

Advising Materials

Undergraduate first year students starting in Fall 2018 (and transfer students starting in Fall 2020) will be completing the BU Hub general education requirements in addition to the CAS language requirement and the CS major coursework. Undergraduate students starting before Fall 2018 will continue with the Divisional Studies/Core Curriculum general education paradigm.

For students completing the BU Hub: use this Plan of Study worksheet as a guide when preparing for advising appointments or registration.

For students completing Divisional Studies/Core Curriculum: The Mathematics section of the Undergraduate Bulletin also lists the Math/CS major requirements, and make sure to take a look at them before scheduling an advising appointment.