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Program in Calculus

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers a variety of options that enable an incoming student to begin her or his study of university mathematics at the appropriate level. For those students with no prior knowledge of calculus, there is the first-semester calculus course that assumes only a background in precalculus.

Students who have already studied some calculus in high school can begin by taking the second-semester calculus course or a course that reviews a year of calculus in one semester in order to provide a smooth transition from the high school approach to the university approach. Students who receive a minimum score of 4 on the AB calculus advanced placement examination are given four credits of first semester of calculus and those who receive a minimum score of 3 on the BC calculus advanced placement examination are given eight credits for the first year of calculus. This latter group of students begins their university-level study of mathematics at the second year of calculus or with an honors course in calculus.

Our department offers a selection of honors-level courses in calculus and differential equations to especially strong students who are seeking a particularly enriched and challenging program. These courses are part of the CAS Honors Program but can be taken by any student from any college. Enrollment in the honors-level courses is kept small and students in these classes have much opportunity for interaction with the professor.

The role of technology in mathematics and mathematics education is changing almost as quickly as the technology is changing. The role of technology (from graphing calculators to computer algebra packages) is being continually assessed and the calculus program is evolving to take full advantage of the available technologies.