BA/MA Program in Mathematics

Requirements for a BA/MA in Mathematics (1701)

Students entering the BA/MA program in Mathematics will elect one of two options: Mathematics or Statistics. Both options emphasize breadth of coverage of basic topics of current general importance, as opposed to narrow specialization. The objective of the program in statistics is to train general practitioners capable of making immediate contributions in industry, the medical sciences, government, or private educational and research institutions.

Students in the BA/MA program must complete the BA concentration in mathematics (1701) with specialty in mathematics or statistics. In addition, students must complete the master’s degree requirements, which consist of a coherent program of eight graduate-level (500 or above) mathematics courses and comprehensive exams. No overlap is permitted between mathematics courses taken to satisfy the BA requirements and those taken to satisfy the MA requirements. The total number of courses taken for both degrees—including distribution courses, elective, and so on—can be reduced to as few as 36, provided that all requirements are met.

For further specific information concerning the BA/MA program in mathematics, please consult the BA/MA advisor, Professor Kostas Spiliopoulos.