Interested in a full marketing campaign? Want to combine some of our services or not sure what you need? We can help with all of that, too.

When you start a project with us, we go back to the basics: Who do you want to reach? How do you want them to react? Everything we do, no matter how small, has a strategy behind it. We think about how every poster, website, and press release fits with your goals—and those of Boston University.

Many of you will already have a marketing and communications plan, something that outlines your objectives, audience, rivals, and more. For those who don’t—and for those who want to freshen up their approach—we can help. Anyone in the BU community can consult with our marketing professionals to build a communications plan tailored for your needs. You can also turn to us for advice on one-time projects. Maybe you have an event to promote or a breakthrough to share, but aren’t sure of the best way of spreading the word. We’ll work with you to find the strategy and approach that will be most effective for you.

It’s here that our breadth of expertise comes into its own. With an in-house team that includes everyone from writers and designers to photographers and public relations professionals, we can give you a full-service approach that few outside agencies can match. And because we’re not tied to one medium, it means we don’t have to recommend a poster or iPhone app if it’s not right for you. That “in-house” part is important, too. We know BU and we share your ambitions for the University. Our institutional knowledge allows us to see the bigger picture, ensuring that your marketing plan runs in harmony with that of the University.

We also offer a number of strategy-related services that support those in marketing and communications roles around the University. The BU Communicators Group is a forum for learning about the University’s overall marketing goals and initiatives, sharing advice, and trading tactics. The BU Social Media Communicators Group does the same for those representing BU online. (Get in touch to join either group.) As managers of the BU Brand, we can also provide advice on brand execution and strategy.