Our magazines put your inspiring stories on coffee tables, laptops, and just about any other place your audience loves to read.

Whether it’s an alum pausing over a magazine article at breakfast or a senator stealing time between votes to catch a research grant video, our print and interactive publications bring BU to life at people’s fingertips—wherever they are.

If you have a story to tell, we can help you share it. BU departments, staff, and faculty can book our talented team to craft print and interactive alumni magazines, annual reports, research publications, community newsletters, and anything else that tells a story. We’ll guide you in choosing the right message and medium for your audience—from stylish print magazines, such as arts&sciences, to cutting-edge reports blending videos with the written word—and ensure your publications are integrated with the rest of your communications campaign.

Our professional print, visual, and multimedia journalists and editors will work with you to plan a strategy for your publication, ensuring that every story told celebrates your evocative work and strengthens your connection with your audience. And because everyone on our award-winning team is based at BU—from staff writers to the people who manage the University’s list of approved print vendors—we know the terrain, so you won’t have to explain what you and BU are all about.

You’ll also be able to draw on the relationships, integrity, and expertise we bring to BU’s alumni magazine, Bostonia, and daily news site, BU Today. It could give you the opportunity to expand your audience, too. BU Marketing & Communications picks the top stories for the BU homepage, maintains BUniverse, and handles public relations for the University, so we’ll look for ways to share your story as widely as possible.

If you already produce a publication, we can help you add some polish. The BU community can also book our print and interactive designers, videographers and photographers, editors and proofreaders, and production specialists to sharpen your print and online magazines.