We write, design, and build great websites, emails, mobile apps, and pretty much anything else you can click on.

Whether you’ve read a story on the BU homepage, heard a student enthuse about a class on the Admissions site, or tracked the BU BUS on your iPhone, you’ll know our online work can pull you into the heart of the University.

We’d like to help people connect with you in the same way. BU departments, faculty, and staff can book our interactive professionals to create or consult on their online and mobile communications. We’re recognized as higher education leaders and can design, refresh, and build websites, mobile apps and sites, social media spaces, emails, and interactive publications.

With a full in-house marketing and communications team, you won’t just get a more compelling and accessible website. We’ll work with you on a strategy for your interactive campaign, making sure it fits with your overall communications goals and hits the right note with your audience. We can also take care of all the words, photos, multimedia, and companion print pieces you might need—we’ll even edit and proofread everything for you.

Not that everyone needs a custom-built site; sometimes, an off-the-shelf solution can work, too. This sleek-looking website is made using Flexi Kenmore. It’s one of the many templates we’ve designed exclusively for the BU community. If you have a small website or aren’t ready to work with us on a custom build, the BU Flexi themes might be the answer. They’re free, easy-to-use and update, include announcement boxes and other blog-style features, and follow the BU brand—all you have to do is pick a design and then add your words and photos (the BU Image Library is a good place to start for the latter).

Designing the BU templates is just one of the interactive services we provide for the University. We select the stories for and maintain the BU homepage, write and design BU Today and the online version of Bostonia, manage BU’s brand guidelines for websites, and run the BU Social Media Communicators Group.