Bulk Mail

All bulk mailings must be coordinated through Bulk Mail Services, the University’s in-house bulk mail unit, located at 120 Ashford Street.

Bulk Mail Services provides addressing, inserting, tabbing, folding, and sorting of high-volume First Class and Standard (nonprofit) mail for all the schools, colleges, centers, and departments of the University.  International mail services are also provided. Contact Bulk Mail Services to learn more about the processing services available and to discuss your upcoming mail project.

Bulk Mail offers “NCOA-Link” address cleansing service. By updating University address databases, Bulk Mail eliminates mailing to bad addresses, saving on costs of postage and printed matter.

Bulk mailings are those with 200 or more identical pieces that are to be sent at Standard (nonprofit) rates and must be accompanied by USPS documentation certifying that the mailing conforms to USPS regulations. Such mailings may require addressing, folding, inserting or other processing by Bulk Mail Services or other vendors.

If you are planning an internal mailing to key University administrators, visit the Key Administrator List Form on the Human Resources website. Human Resources will provide the up-to-date list to Bulk Mail Services on your behalf.

In all cases, a requisition defining the scope of work should be submitted in advance to Bulk Mail Services. Prior to submitting the requisition, it is recommended that departments contact Bulk Mail Services (617-353-9724) to discuss scheduling, conformity with USPS regulations, and other aspects of the mailing.