Anamorphic Image

A distorted image designed to appear normal after reflecting off a cylindrical mirror.

Blind Spots

The blind spot, where the optic nerve transgresses the retina, isn't quite as blind as the name suggests.

Finished Files

An old word trick made harder with isoluminance. See if you can find all the F's.

Haidinger's Brush

Polarized light can create an observable visual pattern.

Impossible Triangle

Some figures appear real only when presented in two dimensions.

Impossible Trident

Linear Strobe

A linear strobe light.

Magic Wand

A whole image is perceived, though viewed only a part at a time.


Paintings by the artist Julian Stanczak.

Static Blindness

Sometimes things just disappear.

Stroop Effect

An interesting battle between sight and reading results in the sudden loss of literacy.


Our physics-adapted version of the classic Margaret Thatcher illusion.

Einstein Version


A demonstration of the persistence of vision.

Vertical Disparity

Figures which change depending on the angle they are viewed from.


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