A color contrast illusion elicited by cross-hatching.

Binocular Luster

Metallic appearance when viewed anaglyphically.

Fancy Version
Leviant Variant


Adjacent strips of constant lightness create the impression of a scalloped intensity gradient.

Contour Lightness

Contours affect the appearance of a linear gradient.

Cornsweet Effect

Bordering gradients give the appearance of two squares of distinct color.

Craik-O'Brien Effect

Fluted square waves give the appearance of stripes.

DOG Lateral Inhibition

A simulation of lateral inhibition processing, using the DOG, or Difference of Gaussians, model.


Another example of simultaneous contrast.


Border coloration causes the illusion of a semitransparent figure above the background.

Hermann Grid

Illusory dark spots in the junctions of white roads.

Mach Bands

Bright and dark stripes appear at the boundary of a linear gradient.

Custom Mach Bands

Motion Halo

Shadows surround a moving black object on a white background.


Edges appear on a 2D gradient.

2D Hexagonal Bands
2D Reversed Colors
2D Square Grid
Red Rectangle Image

Scintillating Grid

Flashing dots which run away when you look for them.

Distortable Blocks
Scintillating Line

Shadow Brightness

A remarkable color brightness effect.

Simultaneous Contrast

Brightness tends to change depending on its surroundings.

Koffka Ring

Subjective Brightness

Colors may change appearance based on the colors surrounding.

Color Choose

White's Illusion

White's demonstration showing the opposite effect of simultaneous contrast.


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