3D Stereoscopic Cube

An interactive anaglyphic demonstration of depth through binocular disparity.

Parallel and Cross Eyed

Ames' Window

A rotating trapezoid appears as a window swinging in perspective.


Red and blue appear at different depths.


A hole in the ground becomes a mountain when the picture is flipped.

Wick Deer
Wick Deer - Full Version

Depth from Shading

Depth appears when shading gradients vary in figure and background.


Atmospheric haze tends to occlude distant objects; here, shaded objects appear farther away.

Hidden Cube

Odd arrangements of lines may have more structure than first appears.

Hollow Mask

A 3D mask appears to flip in depth when rotated.

Kinetic Depth Effect

Induced perception of depth from a rotating 3D object in two dimensions.

Sphere - Axial Rotation
Sphere - Rolling

Mach Card

A folded card whose depth flips much like a Necker cube.

Monocular Depth

Depth arising from monocular cues.

Necker's Cube

An unstable cube which flips in perspective.


Outline Depth

Perception of depth based on varying contrast.


A change in apparent size with distance.

Black and White
Opposite Lighting
Second Version

Random Dot Stereogram

Depth perception elicited from displaced random noise.


Shadow Motion

Apparent depth induced by the motion of a shadow.

Stereokinetic Effect

Rotating disks which elicit the appearance of depth.

Duchamp's 'Corolles'
Nested Circles
Vasarely's 'Oervegn'

Tilted Depth

Depth appears when Vasarely's 'Oervegn' is scaled asymmetrically.


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