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The Little Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a time old fairy tale about a baby princess, a prince, an evil witch, three good fairies
a king, a queen, a curse, and of course a castle in a time long long ago...

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Songs from the movie

A Video With Lyrics for Once Upon a Dream

A Little About This Movie

This movie is a classic Disney movie, with a princess, a prince, and little cute animals. I love this movie
Mostly because it's a straightforward plot, you know what'll happen, but it's a bit further than the rest; the evil character
is a bit more evil, the way she falls under the spell is a bit more unique, and the way she's raised is a bit more country-
Not to mention that her guardians, the three fairies are a bit more comical... So, Aurora Rose deserves a page of her own, along with
Ariel and Anya, and Maria, because she is a bit more original than the other classic Disney tales.

The Movie CoverPondering in the Woods
Birthday Present... attempts.Cleaning... kind of. Don't do it Aurora!
Sleeping Beauty