Can’t Find the Book?

The BU Law Library staff is committed to making the library’s physical collection available to our patrons in the speediest manner possible. We may recommend alternative sources for materials missing or not held by the law library, including other campus libraries or PDFs from reliable sources.

Law Materials

If BU Law Search lists law material as available but you are unable to find it on shelf, please request the item in Primo and the staff will search for it. (You can also request the item using the Law Materials Request Form.) If the item is not found within 3 business days an interlibrary loan will be initiated automatically. In either case, we will notify you when the item is ready for pick-up.

Law Materials Already Checked Out

If the item is already checked out to another patron, click the Recall button using Primo. The system will contact the current borrower to return the item. The patron will have a week to return the item. If it is not returned, we will direct you to interlibrary loan.

Materials Owned by Other BU libraries (Mugar, Pardee, etc.)

If Primo lists the material as available but you are unable to find it on shelf, submit a search request through the owning library. If the owning library is unable to locate the material within a week, request an interlibrary loan on WorldCat Discovery and indicate the date you placed the search in the more information section.