Loan Periods, Renewals and Recalls

The Circulation Supervisor, Kelly Johnson (x3-8879), provides document delivery and other circulation services to law faculty.

Borrowing Materials

Law Library

Law faculty may borrow items in the law treatise collections for an initial loan period of one year.  Reserve materials and materials marked Limited Circulation, Library Use Only, or Non-Circulating may be borrowed by law faculty for a one-year period.  These include journals, looseleaf services, reference materials, and primary sources.

Materials in the law collections are automatically renewed by Kelly Johnson, the Circulation Supervisor (x3-8879).  Faculty may also renew their own materials with My Account.

If you receive a recall notice for law materials and you need the material beyond the new due date, please contact Kelly Johnson (x3-8879) to make arrangements for continued use.

Other BU Libraries

General circulation materials from other B.U. libraries circulate for an initial loan period of 1 year.  Non-circulating and reserve materials from other B.U. libraries can generally be obtained by library staff for 24 hour use by faculty.

Notices of upcoming due dates from other B.U. libraries may be forwarded to Kelly Johnson to request renewals.

If you receive a recall notice for non-law materials and you need the material beyond the new due date, please return the material by the due date and forward the notice to Kelly Johnson to obtain a replacement copy.

Please note: The law library does not fine law faculty but other BU libraries may.  Overdue or recalled materials from other BU libraries should be returned promptly.  Faculty may incur fines and may be blocked from future borrowing at the lending library for failure to return materials by their due dates. 

Materials not Available at Boston University

The Interlibrary Loan Supervisor, Katharine Haldeman (x3-8412), coordinates interlibrary loan for faculty to obtain books and copies from non-BU libraries.

Borrowing Records and Privacy

Statements of all materials currently checked out are emailed to each faculty member once a year.  An email of your current circulation record may be obtained at any time by contacting Kelly Johnson (x3-8879).

The library does not maintain records of materials you have returned.  Once materials are returned all records are cleared from the system.  For materials you currently have checked out in the library’s circulation system, only you and library staff members have access to the record.  By agreement among the law faculty, the library staff may tell a law faculty member the name of a colleague who has a book.  This arrangement is necessary because faculty often discuss and share library materials.  If one of your colleagues permanently borrows library materials from you, please notify the circulation staff (x3-3151) to change the record to your colleague’s name.