Large Firm Leaders:
BU Law ranks #12 in the nation for partners in top 100 large law firms

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A recent Journal of Legal Education (JLE) article, “Where Do Partners Come From?” ranks BU Law #12 in the nation for the number of partners within the top 100 large law firms.

The study, published by Loyola Law School Professor Theodore P. Seto, aims to address the following scenarios: “You are a hiring partner. You need to spend your recruiting dollars as efficiently as possible. Which law schools offer the largest pools of potential future partners for you and your firm to explore? You are applying to law school. Your long-term ambition is to become a partner in a national law firm in city X. Which schools may increase your chances of realizing that ambition?”

In his analysis, Seto’s study:

  • Identifies which schools have produced the most NLJ 100 partners nationwide over the past quarter centuryóBU Law ranks #12;
  • Reports results separately for each of the nation’s ten largest legal marketsóBU Law ranks #9 for NY and #2 for Boston); and
  • Distinguishes the schools that contribute significantly to more than one major legal market in more than one stateóBU Law ranks #7.

Seto used the National Law Journal’s (NLJ) listing of the largest U.S. law firms as the basis for his study. In addition to receiving high ranking’s in the JLE study, BU Law is consistently named a “Go-To Law School” in the publication’s annual “NLJ250” survey, ranking #21 based on the number of graduates working in the nation’s largest law firms for 2012.

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