Entrepreneurship, IP & Cyberlaw Program

Work on business, IP law, and compliance issues.

Student entrepreneurs and innovators from MIT and BU are advised by BU Law students on the legal and regulatory compliance issues associated with their academic and extracurricular pursuits and their efforts to turn ideas into businesses. The program consists of two clinics:

Startup Law Clinic

In this clinic, students advise student entrepreneurs from MIT and BU who are seeking to establish or develop real businesses. Students provide strategic legal and business advice to startups, assisting student entrepreneurs in the BU and MIT communities with the corporate, transactional, and intellectual property issues that arise in the process of turning their ideas into operating businesses.  Working under the guidance of the clinic directors, students manage each step of the client relationship, from the initial intake interview through the completion of the engagement.

This clinic is a full-year program where students earn 6 credits per semester. Preference is given to 3Ls for acceptance into the clinic.

For more information, please contact the Director Andy Sellars or visit sites.bu.edu/startuplaw.

Technology Law Clinic

In this clinic, BU Law students work with MIT and BU students to advise and defend their innovative technology projects, ventures, and academic activities. This includes work in the areas of intellectual property, data security, cybersecurity, and technology regulatory compliance. Students are involved in all aspects of the clinic’s work, including counseling, negotiation and response to legal threats, and occasional litigation matters. This clinic is a full-year program.

For more information, please contact Director Andy Sellars or visit sites.bu.edu/techlaw.