On-Campus Interview Program

Upcoming OCI at BU Law:

July 22–24, 2024
All interviews will be held virtually

August 5 and 14, 2024
All interviews will be held virtually

Employer Resources

BU Law’s On Campus Interview Program will take place in a virtual format in July & August 2024. Additional dates are also available if another timeframe is optimal for your organization. Organizations of all types and sizes participate in on-campus interviewing, including large firms, small and mid-sized firms, companies, government agencies, and public interest organizations. We welcome you to join these leading organizations and recruit BU Law students through on-campus interviewing. To participate or to inquire about on-campus interviewing at BU Law, please contact:

Ethan Carr
Assistant Director for Employer Relations and Outcomes
Boston University School of Law
Office of Career Development & Public Service
765 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Telephone: 617-358-6109