In-House Counsel Fellowship Program

BU Law’s unique In-House Counsel Fellowship Program matches top organizations with BU Law talent who are focused on pursuing in-house careers, for a one year position. BU Law will identify candidates that match an employer’s specific hiring criteria; the hiring decision is then made solely by the hiring organization. The Fellow and organization both commit to a one-year duration at a cost-effective, reasonable salary, plus benefits.

Talented, driven, and well-prepared.

You’ll find BU Law graduates are exceptionally well-prepared to contribute from the day they join your organization.

Our students learn practical, hands-on skills that complement core legal theory. For example, our in-depth Transactional Law Program trains students to draft, structure, and negotiate agreements. Our extensive externships and semester-in-practice programs provide on-the-job experience in companies, government agencies, courts, and nonprofit organizations.

Ready to learn more?

If you’re interested in exploring our In-House Counsel Fellowship Program, please contact Quinnie Lin at We look forward to talking to you.