The Student Affairs Student Advisory Board (SASA-B) is a consultative body to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and other invited administrators, of Boston University School of Law. SASA-B serves to strengthen the practices of Student Affairs and improve the experience of JD students. Members of SASA-B include the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, invited administrators, and ten selected J.D. students who reflect the diversity of the BU Law student body while representing the 1L sections; and the 2L and 3L J.D. classes. SASA-B meetings are a forum for advisory board members and their invitees, to discuss, debate, and disseminate information related to: (i) the programs of the Student Affairs Office; (ii) new initiatives of the office; and, (iii) emergent student and campus issues.

Requirements of SASA-B Members

The Board meets monthly with Student Affairs administrators, and other invited University officials, to discuss various issues related to student affairs at the School of Law. The meetings are hosted by Associate Dean for Student Affairs Gerry Muir who requests input, opinions, and recommendations from the student members. SASA-B members are well-informed on issues at the University, and they are expected to share this information with other students before and after Board meetings by attending the SGA Community Action Council (CAC) meetings or providing a summary of outcomes to SGA representatives.  SASA-B membership is renewed annually. Board members, who miss more than two meetings in one academic year, without providing a proxy, will be removed from SASA-B at the end of the semester during which s/he missed the second meeting.

Current and Past Members

2018-2019: Joseph Baron (’21); Carly Cha (’21); Kathleen Pierre (’21); Matthew Atha (’20); Cameron Chan (’20); Zachary Lawrence (’20); Timothy Nykamp (’20); Baasil Shariff (’20); Mel Tokatlioglu (’20); Jonathan Allen (’19); Phoebe Dantoin (’19); Kaitlyn Sapp (’19)

2017-2018: Matthew Atha (’20); Timothy Nykamp (’20); Melike Tokatlioglu (’20); Jonathan Allen (’19); Phoebe Dantoin (’19); Kaitlyn Sapp (’19); Roseanna Loring (’18); Jessica Lujan (’18); Peter Lubershane (’18); Michael Torruella (’18)

2016-2017: Jonathan Allen (’19); Phoebe Dantoin (’19); Kaitlyn Sapp (’19); Roseanna Loring (’18); Peter Lubershane (’18); Michael Torruella (’18); Hyun Young Yoon (’18); Daniel Johnston (’17); Nicholas Lattarulo (’17); Taylor Moore-Willis (’17)

2015-2016: Roseanna Loring (’18); Peter Lubershane (’18); Hyun Young Yoon (’18); Elysse Gorney (’17); Taylor Moore-Willis (’17); Maryanne Tomazic (’17); Michael Lopes (’16); Ryan McKenna (’16); Elizabeth Walls (’16)

Spring 2015 (Founding Members):  Taylor Moore-Willis (’17); Maryanne Tomazic (’17); Michael Lopes (’16); Ryan McKenna (’16); Elizabeth Walls (’16)

Minutes and Agendas for the SASA-B

Application Process

  1. Applications will be available in September 2018 for new members.
  1. The Associate Dean may require phone or personal interviews to supplement the application. If required, interviews will take place in late September.
  1. Final decisions will be made by the Student Affairs Office, and applicants will be informed via email within a week of applying and completing interviews.

Please direct any questions about the SASA-B, or your potential role on the Board, to Associate Dean Muir via email ( or by calling 617-353-3127.