Academic Enrichment Program

The Academic Enrichment Program offers trainings, coaching and resources to students looking to develop and improve upon their academic skills. No matter what your grades, or how well you feel you are doing, the Academic Enrichment Program can give you the tools you need to achieve your highest academic goals.

Academic Skills Training

For first-year students, the Academic Enrichment Program offers a series of interactive workshops during the fall semester that provide students with an opportunity to both learn and practice the study and exam preparation skills critical to academic success in law school, including:

  • Time management
  • Case reading and briefing
  • Note taking
  • Outlining
  • Practicing exam questions
  • Exam taking strategies
  • Self-improvement and growth
  • Achieving a healthy work life balance

The Academic Enrichment Workshops are optional, ungraded, and open to all first-year students. For more information on times, room locations and topics covered, you can visit the Student Affairs Office in Suite 503, call 617-358-1800, or email

For those first-year students whose fall semester grades do not reflect the ability they showed in class discussions, a small seminar will be available by invitation. This program, offered only in spring semester, is designed to help struggling students understand how to spend their studying time most efficiently, and therefore most effectively, so they are better prepared to succeed on law school exams and beyond.

Individual Coaching

In addition to the group workshops and seminars described above, each student may sign up for individual appointments with the Associate Director of Academic Enrichment, Nick Horan, for personalized coaching and counseling. The ideal number of meetings is five each semester (the first for 60 minutes, and subsequent sessions for 30 minutes). The Associate Director will work to understand the strengths, habits and challenges of each student to create a personalized plan designed to lead to student success.  Individual counseling from the Associate Director will empower students to create habits that will serve them well throughout their career in the law. If you would like to make an appointment at any time, please click on this link:

Learning Resources

Each enrolled student will have access to the password protected Blackboard website for the Academic Enrichment Program, which will include links to recordings of each workshop, practice exercises, model answers, and studies and data that support the methods described.