The following information should help students sort out the last necessary financial aid details before graduation. More detailed information can be found on the Financial Aid section of the website.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment with the Law Financial Aid Office to discuss how the available repayment options can help them manage their personal educational loan debt. If you are not ready to discuss your loans before graduation, you may come in, call, or email us after graduation to ask any questions that may come up while you are setting up the repayment of your loans.

Exit Counseling

Students who borrowed loans through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program while at BU Law are required to complete an Exit Counseling Session.

The Exit Counseling Session is an opportunity to learn about the repayment terms that apply to your federal loans. The Law Financial Aid Office will provide information for federal and private loans regarding loan repayment options, consolidation, and basic debt management principles that could make your life after law school easier.

The Law Financial Aid Office conducts group Exit Counseling Sessions in March for students graduating in May.

Students should come to the session with the following information:

  • Driver’s License (state and number)
  • The name, address, and phone number for two references and your next of kin (3 different people)
  • The name, address, and phone number for your employer after leaving school (if available)

Students have the option of making an appointment to speak to a counselor one-on-one to obtain information on their personal loan repayment options. Note: Students who schedule an appointment should come prepared with their federal loan history – found at the National Student Loan Data Center. Private loan information must be accessed from each lender.

Students may also complete the Exit Counseling Session online.

Bar Loans

Several private lenders offer loans to JD students specifically to cover expenses incurred while students prepare for the bar exam. These loans may cover living expenses during the summer, bar exam fees, and fees for review courses. Each lender sets a limit for the amount that you may borrow. You may apply for a Bar Exam Loan during the spring semester of your third year or after graduation.

A Bar Loan does not need to fit within your student budget for the academic year. The loan funds will be sent directly to you. You may specify the amount (within the limits set by the lender) and the disbursement dates.

Some lenders require school certification to complete the application. In these situations, BU is certifying that you are a graduating JD student and that the requested disbursements comply with the lender’s policies.

Boston University maintains a website with a list of lenders you may want to consider. Several of the lenders on the list offer Bar Loans.

You are not limited to the products identified by Boston University or the School of Law, and are welcome to use any lender of your choice. You should evaluate all loan products carefully in light of your particular circumstances.