First-Year Advisor Program

Each first-year student has an upperclass student advisor to help guide him or her during the first year. The student advisors offer advice on a variety of academic and social aspects of life at BU Law.

How do you become a Student Advisor?

Applications for the Student Advisor Program will be circulated each spring.

During the spring semester, the Student Affairs office will seek applications from upperclass students to serve as advisors to the next group of 1Ls. Advisors' responsibilities include:

  • Meeting their advisees during the first week of classes and arranging to socialize with their advisees soon after classes begin. The Student Government Association allocates funds to the student advisors for entertaining their advisees.
  • Keeping in continual contact with their advisees through email and personal contacts
  • Attending an advisor training program and lunch in September
  • Helping advisees with issues such as class preparation advice; study tips; advice on exams; outlining; upperclass course selection; and personal issues that may arise and for which advisees may need guidance.

You can learn more about the program from Jill Collins at 617.358.1800, or stop by the Student Affairs office on the 5th floor.