Planning Your Event


In planning an event, please be sure to check with the Law School programmer at the Student Activities Office to make sure that all necessary paperwork has been completed. Please note that SAO has strict deadlines for completing paperwork; therefore, be sure to plan your event well in advance. Read Programming at BU: SAO's Event-Planning Guide for Law Students (PDF) for event information and deadlines.

SAO Representative: Colleen Quinn, 617-353-3635

Buildings & Grounds

For an event in which you need the services of the BU Buildings & Grounds (B&G) staff, there may be a charge for those services. Student groups must pay for any B&G charges incurred. A B&G Requisition is necessary for weekday events after 5pm or anytime on weekends & holidays. A group must submit to SBA a request for funding to cover these charges. B&G expenses are $27.00/hour (minimum of 4 hours) from the set-up time to the breakdown time.

Audio/Visual Equipment

If you need audio/visual equipment, the Law School has limited equipment. To request A/V equipment from the Law School, visit Law A/V. If you need A/V equipment that the Law School does not have available, contact SAO to check with GSU Media Services or BU Media Services. If these departments have the equipment you need, you must request funding from SBA to cover these costs. With regard to all requisitions, please be sure to allow enough time to be approved for SBA funding and to complete the requisition.

Food & Beverages

If you plan to order food/bevs. for your event from Campus Dining Services, you must meet with them to review your menu. You must request funding from SBA to cover the cost, and you must work with SAO to complete a requisition for the food.

Planning for the future

If your organization plans large events each year, please be sure to leave a memo for the following year’s group summarizing what was needed for the event, the budget required, and what paperwork was involved so that the next year’s group will not have to start planning from scratch.