Academic Information

Journal Based Non Credit Independent Study

Student may fulfill the writing requirement through satisfactory completion of a paper based on a draft written for one of the law school’s journals, including a completed note draft, subject to the following requirements:  In order to satisfy the requirement using a journal draft, the student must obtain the approval of a faculty member to register for a no-credit independent study, in which the faculty member will review the student’s draft and require at least one revision based on the faculty member’s comments.  The final paper must be at least 7500 words in length, not counting footnotes.  If the faculty member has already worked with the student in development of the journal draft, such that the faculty member is satisfied that the student has already done at least one revision under her or his direction and thereby produced a paper of sufficient quality to satisfy the Upperclass Writing Requirement, then the faculty member may certify the completion of the independent study as if the earlier work had been done for the independent study.

Students pursuing this option to fulfill the writing requirement must complete and file the Intent Form. The supervising faculty member's signature is required.