Academic Information

Supervised Research and Writing Project
(Independent Study)

A Supervised Research & Writing project (also known as an Independent Study) with a full-time faculty member may satisfy the requirement and allow a student to earn a maximum of 2 semester credits. Students may satify the requirement with a paper at least 7500 words in length, not including footnotes, written in conjunction with the Independant Study, or a combination of shorter papers written in conjunction with the Independent Study that in the aggregate satisfies the length requirement of 7500 words, not including footnotes. All independent studies must be supervised by a faculty member. Students who wish to work with a part-time adjunct faculty must file a 1-2 page prospectus outlining the subject matter of the paper, the question that the paper will try to answer and the plan of research to the adjunct professor. If the proposal meets the adjunct's approval, they will forward it to the Associate Dean with their endorsement.

Students interested in this option must file two forms with the Registrar's Office: the Intent to Complete the Upperclass Writing Requirement form and the Supervised Research & Writing form. Students may learn more about pursuing an independent study online or by consulting the Student Handbook.