Academic Information

Finding a Faculty Advisor

Students seeking a faculty advisor to supervise their satisfaction of the Requirement through a journal note or independent study should begin by contacting individual faculty members who do research in the area in which the student is contemplating writing and who are not already overloaded with supervisory commitments. The Faculty Supervisory Database is designed to help students identify these faculty members.

If after approaching several faculty members, a third-year student has not been able to satisfy the Requirement he or she should complete and submit the online “Find an Advisor” form found under the Frequently Requested Forms section of the JD Central pages.  The standard intent and “Find an Advisor” forms are both located under Upper-class Writing Requirement.  A student should submit the form no later than the end of the add/drop period of the student’s fifth semester.

The form must indicate whether the student wishes to pursue independent study for credit, and the student must describe his/her proposed topic/area of interest. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (Room 1070H) will assist the student in selecting a course or seminar or, if necessary, finding a faculty member to supervise a project that the student has identified. Students should realize that the preferred and ordinary methods for satisfying the Requirement are those identified in Article III, sec. 6 of the Academic Regulations.

Failure to file the form or to obtain the supervising faculty member’s signature approving work under that person’s supervision will result in the Writing Requirement credit being denied