BU Law Young Alumni Council

The Young Alumni Council (YAC) exists to strengthen the engagement of young alumni with the broader BU School of Law community; provide networking opportunities and foster connections between the BU School of Law and BU Law alumni throughout the country and world; promote volunteerism and philanthropic support from young alumni; and advise BU School of Law and the Alumni Association on ways to advance the interests of young alumni. The YAC also helps young alumni connect with each other for personal and professional gains.

If you are interested in joining the Young Alumni Council, please contact Alexa Ramer at aramer@bu.edu.

Young Alumni Council Members

Mustafa Ali, LAW’19
Martha Anderson, LAW’19
Brian Balduzzi, LAW’13’14, Co-President
Bradley Baranowski, LAW’20
Adria Bonillas, LAW’17
Lisa Bothwell, LAW’15, Communications Chair
Jeff Butensky, LAW’17
John Dugger, LAW’21
Maria Fabres, LAW’22
Christina Fuleihan, LAW’22
Dominique Gale-McClean, LAW’21
Rio Gonzalez, LAW’17, Co-President/Giving Chair
Olivia Griffin, LAW’21, Regional Events Chair
Amy Han, LAW’19
Tyler Heneghan, LAW’21
Alex Katsulis, LAW’18
Quincy Kayton, LAW’16
Duo Liu, LAW’17
Emmylou Manwill, LAW’20
Catherine McManus, LAW’20
Melissa Pereira, LAW’23
Frank Ren, LAW’14
Marisa Roman, LAW’15
Ted Serra, LAW’14
Nicholas Swindle, LAW’16
Chenghuai Xu, LAW’20
Jesus Zelaya, LAW’20
Jillian Zvolensky, LAW’14, Student and Alumni Services Chair