Class Notes - LL.M. in American Law

Class of 2003

Tomas Sutton recently visited Flavio Jardim in Brazil, where he hit the beaches and enjoyed Carnival. Tomas is a partner with Llerena & Asociados Abogados in Buenos Aireas. Flavio is a partner in his own firm in Brazilia, Garcia de Souza & Jardim. Flavio, Emilia Mesquita (00), her husband Jason Herron, Gabriela Brandt de Carvahlo (01) and her husband Célio (and their beautiful new daughter Carolina), joined John and Victoria Riccardi in Sao Paolo for a post New Year’s rodizio dinner. Emilia is working for Banco Itaú S.A.. She and Jason were married in October 2004, an event attended by Ludger Schult (‘00) and his wife, Tina, Juan Martorelli (‘00), Emilie Douque (‘00) and Nele Gorny (’00).

Jan Giedinghagen recently completed his doctoral dissertation, which is set to be published soon. Luca Melchionna has been appointed Professor of Law at HUMIC (Humanitarian University of Multidisciplinary International Cultures) in Rome, where he will teach International Business Law and International Taxation. Rainer Hoerning was an invited speaker at the First Annual European Money Laundering Conference in Vienna, last September. He recently returned to Switzerland after working for the past year at Citizens Bank in Rhode Island, as part of the bank’s Financial Intelligence Unit. Rahel Gimmel is back at work in the banking and finance department of Walder Wyss & Partners in Zurich.

Alejandra Caballero is the proud mother of a new son, Antonio, Jr. Congratulations, Alejandra! Evelina Manukyan passed the California Bar last summer – congratulations! Sangeeta Prakash passed the Missouri bar and accepted a position as in-house counsel for May Department Stores in St. Louis. Another congratulations! Alejandro Pignataro was recently nominated by his law firm, Zurcher, Montoya & Zurcher in Costa Rica, as one of Central America’s best lawyers under the age of 40. Yet another congratulations!

Marc Alain Galeazzi has returned to the U.S. to work for Shaw Pittman's Financial Institution Group as an associate in Washington, D.C. “Being back in the US is just great and I really like it.” Adrian Hirzel has joined the law firm BLUM Attorneys, in Zurich – and is now a colleague of Patrick Duggelin (’04), who also recently joined the firm.

Andres Jaramillo has accepted a position with Deloitte’s tax division in Bogota, Colombia. “Although I don't have much experience in taxation, it seems very interesting and it is promising area for experienced lawyers in Colombia, as it is in the U.S.” Pascal DePreux has accepted a position at RWB Avocats in Geneva, a law firm specializing in Swiss Business law.

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Class of 2002

Beatriz Escudero Diez de las Fuentes is in-house counsel for Indra Systems, Spain’s leading information technology company. “My day-to-day is so interesting since I do have the chance to deal with several legal subjects (corporate law, contracts, torts, international transactions) and international negotiations,” she writes. Juilo Quiroga is at Fernandez Quiroga - Ayarragaray - Ocampo Abogados in Buenos Aires. He writes “I keep deep inside the best of memories from that incredible year in Boston.” Julian Peters wrote to us from Sydney where he was working for an Australian law firm, Clayton Utz. “Right now I am actually sitting on floor 30 and enjoying the nice harbor view,” he confessed.

Plans are underway for the Wedding of the Century in Moscow on June 11, 2005: Mads Lowe and Evgenia Otchkovsaia are getting married! Congratulations and best wishes from the entire BU Law community! Lizandra Meltzer and her husband Eduardo are the proud parents of their first son, Fernando Goulart Sirotsky Melzer. Fernando arrived November 20, 2004 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, weighting 8 pounds (3.620 Kilos). Rudy Coram is in Abu Dhabi, UAE, working on several assignments related to the Dubai World Island project. “I am getting more exposed to different cultures and clients. It reminds me of my adventure at BU.” Leila Hubeaut is at Gide in Paris. She reports: I got married with Benoit last summer and we are building a summer house in Brittany. I still enjoy my work and traveling a lot.”

Among the many LL.M.’s who rejoiced over the Red Sox World Series victory was Sumei Chang: “I've just heard the great news that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series championship! Congratulations!! I am very happy now, and also feel so proud that I ever had the chance for being a Bostonian!!!” Sumei works as in-house counsel for Wistron, in Taiwan, one of the world’s largest information and communication technology companies. Tarec Alio recently completed a Referendariat station at the German American Chamber of Commerce in NYC.

Juliana Calil is still enjoying life in California, working at a litigation law firm Alleguez & Associates. She hosted a visit from Martin Mueller last spring. Martin had recently completed a peace support mission with NATO/KFOR in Kosovo, working as head of personnel and as a legal advisor for the Swiss Army Contingent. Juliana and her husband Juliano traveled to Europe in the fall, where they visited Annabelle Richard, Emmanuelle Saraf and Edouard Bottling. They also visited Arlette Zakarian and Jean-Paul. Arlette recently accepted a position with Renaut in Paris.

Eduardo Mantilla-Serrano recently accepted a new position with Ramírez & Orozco International Strategy Consultants in Bogota, Colombia. Vera Caimo is working in the corporate department of NautaDutilh in Brussels. As part of her traineeship, she also handles many refugee and asylum cases, pro bono. Li-Jung (Anna) Hwang has returned to Taiwan, where she works in Taipei for Baker & McKenzie, mostly on government procurement and construction law matters. “I am always thankful for wonderful journey of our LL.M. program!,” she wrote.

Lisandra Goulart Melzer

Eduardo and I gave birth to our second son, Felipe Goulart Sirotsky Melzer, born in July 7th, 2006, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was the reason I couldn't attend the Alumni Reunion that took place in Boston, this past June. Hope to have the chance to see some of my mates soon. 9/4/06

Giulia de Carlo

In August of 2006, I have started my new job with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, in the Division of Enforcement, here at the Headquarters in Washington D.C. I am learning very much and my experience in the Banking, Financing and Securities Regulation area, gathered during my three years at Baker & McKenzie, in Milan, Italy, have given me a basis to continue the practice of Securities Regulation. My interest in Securities Regulations was certainly first triggered by Prof. Frankel, whose classes I remember fondly. Many greetings to all my LL.M. classmates of 2002 and to Mr. Riccardi. (9/06)

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Class of 2001

Kanchan Ketkar recently moved from her firm, Ashurst, in Frankfurt, to accept a position with Bristol-Myers Squibb in Munich. “I am part of a two person legal team and really enjoy the challenge and what I am doing. This is my first year after I graduated without a visit to BU Law and Boston! I really miss it!! I am still in close contact with the German LL.M. gang: Hubert Eisenack, Daniel Kaut, Tobias Wintermantel, Florian Geyer, and with Cynthia Kalathas, Andrea Parra, Daniela Gnaegi, Amir Bernstein, Chiara LaPlume and Nico Pozzi.” Last reports were that Amir, Daniela and their daughter Neomi were moving from Tel Aviv to Zurich. “At the end I will write a book about "moving,” wrote Amir. Tobias reports that “Everything is fine here in Frankfurt at Allen & Overy. Work is still good and I enjoy it a lot.” He attended his cousin’s wedding in Vermont last fall. “It was great to be back in the States and to see the colors of the leaves changes. It reminded me very much of the hiking trip up Mount Monadnock we all made during my year at BU.”

Stefanie Fleischmann is back in the USA, having recently accepted a permanent position in New York with Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP. “I am a “regular” associate here and really like it!” she writes. Daniel Kaut is working for Coudert Brothers in Frankfurt. He successfully passed his Second State Exams and is now embarking on his dissertation. “Since most of the work I do is in English and because many of the cases I work on are governed by US law, my year at BU really paid off!” he wrote. Alice Blokker is enjoying her work at Budin et Associés in Geneva. Chulwoo Lee continues to run his own firm in Seoul; he is also seeking a professorship at Hongik University.

Hubert Eisenack is with the Financial Serivces/Tax division of KPMG in Frankfurt, doing structured finance work. He reports that he’ll soon start studies to become a tax advisor (Steuerberater). Ulrich Kirchoff has opened his own firm in Berlin. Katrin Bosmans is working hard at Allen & Overy in Brussels. Both Katrin and Ulrich had dinner with John Riccardi during a November trip to Hamburg and Brussels. Katrin expects to travel to San Francisco in October 2005, where she may hook up with Stefanie Raue, who is living in Menlo Park, CA and working at Kirkpatrick and Lochkart. Stefanie also passed the California bar and is engaged to be married to her Tom! Theia Friestedt and her husband, Drew, are “doing well” in Chicago, where Theia works in the Mergers and Acquisition Services Department of Deloitte Tax LLP. Cynthia Kalathas is with Arendt & Medernach in Luxembourg, where Fredrick Sudret and Florence Bal (’03) also work.

Octavio Carrillo has received a coveted scholarship from the Spanish government to pursue a masters degree in politics in Spain. He wrote: “Hopefully next year the Red Sox will get a Venezuelan on their team as BU Law did with us.” Fernando Fiallos writes: “Things in Honduras are great. My family is well. Work could not be better. I had a really good year. I'm now getting ready to go on vacation. My girlfriend, Marcela, and I are planning on getting married in July. Of course I still ride my motorcycle every weekend. In short, things could not be better.”

Ramses Cordova writes: Since August 2002, I have been a law professor at University Panamericana teaching Legal English and American Law. I started my Ph.D in law in February 2003. From February – June, 2004, I was invited as a visiting law professor at the University San Pablo CEU in Madrid, which is where I am doing my Ph.D. It was a wonderful experience because I had 20 students from Spain, Italy and England taking my class. Believe it or not, I teach what I learned in BU Law! The University has invited me to have another course in 2005. Florian Geyer and his girlfriend visited me in Madrid. It was very nice to see them and remember old times. Of course, we proposed a toast to BU Law when we were at Plaza Mayor.” Yingdong “Tony” Wang is with Jun He Law Offices in Beijing. Ji Eun Ham recently visited BU Law with her husband (She got married in May 2004. Congratulations!). Ji Eun continues in her position as GE’s in-house counsel in Seoul.

Diego Almandoz is an attorney with Banco Venezolano de Credito in Caracas, working in corporate and securities areas. He occasionally sees Jose Octavio Carrillo and Antonio Gago (‘02). Adrien (Serge) Delecluse reports from California that “Everything is going well. I am pursuing my consulting business (Mining and Petroleum Investments) and I have also created an Import business here in San Francisco.” He and Gustavo Viseu skied together in Aspen, Colorado, last year. Gabriela Brant De Carvalho is in-house counsel at Phillips in Sao Paolo and is the proud mother of a beautiful daughter, Carolina. Nicolas Pozzi is greatly enjoying his work an associate with Froriep Renggli in Geneva.

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Class of 2000

Holger Scheer recently joined Hoelters & Elsing in Frankfurt, after five years at Clifford Chance. Vanessa Yukelson is the new, proud mother of a beautiful girl named Martina. Emanuelle Bodet recently left Landwell & Partners in Paris, the correspondent law firm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where she had worked for the past three years. She reported a trip planned to South America to visit her LL.M. classmates. Laurence Toso is enjoying her work with EY Law in Geneva. She, Nicolas Pozzi (’01) and Alice Blokker (’01) had dinner with John Riccardi in Geneva in November. They were also joined by Nicolas Golovtchiner, who has opened his own firm in Geneva. (

Andreas Wilhelm and Sabine Glutsch are the proud parents of a beautiful girl, named Marie. Congratulations, Andreas and Sabine! Yasu Katsumata, his wife, Naomi, and son, Ken, are “all fine,” says Yasu, who is working in-house at Tokyo Electric Power Company, in Tokyo. Irma Spaho is working for the firm Rindler Morgan, in Boston. Aida Lopez is pursuing her Masters degree in Social Work at Columbia University in New York. Phillipine Mahot de la Querantonnais is now an associate at Freshfields in Paris.

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Class of 1999

Bong Yeon writes: “After graduation, I began to work at Nara Bank, NY. After passing the NY bar, I opened my law offices in Manhattan, while working part time at the Nara Bank. Since January 2002 I have been a full-time attorney in my own practice. I have 80% South American and 20% Korean clients. Our family moved to U.S. and all five of my children are established in U.S., dispersed among many states. Silva Annovazzi accepted a position in the corporate and finance department of Studio Legale Galgano, in Milan, one Italy’s top boutique firms.

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Class of 1998

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Christine Tretzmueller-Szauer continues her corporate work at Clifford Chance in Frankfurt. She reports that her son, Sebastian, will soon have a new brother or sister. Congratulations, Christine! Yasmin Rao Bhumgara has accepted a position as in-house counsel for The Fineberg Companies in Wellesley, MA. Lorena Vazques is working as an associate with Clifford Chance in Madrid. Keith Rodda has accepted a position with Fairchild Semiconductor in New Hampshire, one of the largest independent semiconductor companies focused solely on multi-market products. He and his wife Tina, and twins, Thomas and Genevieve -- and Otis, their dog -- are greatly enjoying their home and life in New Hampshire.

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