Three-semester program for LLM students

The Extended LLM program is an ideal option for candidates who need to improve their English language skills before studying law on a full-time basis. This program option extends the LLM experience over three semesters, thus providing a more manageable way to pursue the LLM degree if English proficiency is of concern.  Extended LLM program students regularly state that they gained more from their LLM programs by undertaking their studies over three semesters.

Extended LLM students begin their BU Law studies with a six-week summer Pre-LLM Legal English Program at Boston University’s Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP).  The summer program enables them to strengthen their English skills, gain familiarity with legal terminology and US legal discourse, and receive fundamental background in the key doctrines and concepts of the American legal system. 

During the first (fall) semester, students begin their LLM programs with two or three law classes (as determined by the LLM program), while they continue to refine their writing, analytic and advocacy skills through courses offered in BU Law’s Legal English Certificate Program (LECP).  In the spring – equipped with enhanced communication skills – they pursue their LLM studies on a full-time basis. They complete the remainder of their 24 credits during the following fall semester.  Extended LLM students may qualify to take a bar exam in February, after they complete their LLM studies.  

Applicants to the regular two-semester LLM program who are denied admission because of their English skills may still be eligible for admission to the three-semester Extended LLM program.

Please visit the LLM application instructions for information on how to apply directly to the Extended LLM Program.

If you are interested in more information about BU Law’s Legal English programs, download the program overview here.