A One-of-a-kind Program Designed for Flexibility

Since conferring our first LLM in Banking & Financial Law in 1984, our program remains the only financial services LLM program in the country with its own faculty and a curriculum designed exclusively for graduate legal study. Students who work full or part-time, or who are otherwise unable to learn in a residential format at our Boston campus, can now access this one-of-a-kind curriculum in an online learning format. Exposure to a broad array of electives sets our graduates apart in the banking and financial law sector, and graduates tell us that the practical program is relevant and applicable to their everyday work almost immediately.

The Online LLM Curriculum and Learning Experience

All students, whether they decide to learn online or in-person, work closely with our highly attentive program faculty and staff to develop an individualized study plan. We ensure that graduates can demonstrate a deeper understanding of US financial services law and regulation, and an understanding of the approach of US practitioners to financial services law issues. Faculty ensure student participation through assignments, discussion boards, and/or moderated weekly discussion groups.

Admissions and Tuition

Applicants to the online LLM in Banking & Financial Law must meet the same admissions requirements as those who apply to the residential program. Applicants must hold a first degree in law (JD or LLB) from an accredited US Law school or law school abroad. For more information on the admissions requirements and application process, visit our admissions page.

Students enrolled in the online option should refer to the online programs tuition page for more information.

What our students have to say about the BU Law Banking & Financial LLM program

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  • Gustavo Rodriguez - Colombia

    Gustavo Rodriguez - Colombia

    "[The program] not only covers the regulatory side of things, but also the transactional side"

  • Shanying Liu - China

    Shanying Liu - China

    "BU Law professors encourage, engage, and continually support you throughout your studies.”

  • Bruce Mwauluka - Zambia

    Bruce Mwauluka - Zambia

    "After having been out of school for around 8 years, I was drawn to a practical program that I could implement immediately."

  • Aline Vitelli Tanaka - Brazil

    Aline Vitelli Tanaka - Brazil

    "In the banking program, because everyone has work experience, the level of discussion is more in-depth."

  • Alvaro Ruiz Ostos - Venezuela

    Alvaro Ruiz Ostos - Venezuela

    “That’s what made me realize there was another side of corporate and banking and financial law. I started researching development banking and how many countries have used tools like capital markets.”

  • Thayanne Aliduir - Brazil

    Thayanne Aliduir - Brazil

    "I love how proud BU is to open its doors to students from all around the world and believe in them and also not just give them an opportunity of a lifetime, but support them throughout the whole process in every way it can."