While the 24-credit LLM in Banking & Financial Law can be completed in one year of full-time study, BU Law offers several other enrollment options based on your educational background, professional experience, and English proficiency. With more than 25 courses offered, you can choose from a variety of classes and schedules that best suit your needs and interests.

Extended LLM Program

If you have a strong interest in banking and financial services law but want to enhance your legal English skills before beginning full-time legal studies, this three-semester program may be the best option for you.

Two-Year LLM Program

If you want to improve your fluency in English and your academic skills before enrolling in our Banking & Financial Law LLM program, this two-year program can provide you with the optimal format.

Seven-Semester JD/LLM Degree

This dual degree option is available to BU Law students who take qualifying courses during the second and third years of their JD program and complete the remaining LLM requirements in an additional semester.

Six-Semester JD/LLM Degree

This accelerated dual degree option enables BU Law students to earn enough credits to complete both the JD degree and LLM degree in six semesters.

Financial Services Fundamentals

Financial Services Fundamentals is a course offered to provide necessary financial services information to students entering the Graduate Banking and Financial Law Program without employment experience in the financial services sector or a strong academic background in financial law. This course will provide the basic information on eight financially related subjects, information the faculty in the Banking Law Program expects students entering to understand prior to entering the Program. The course will have the added benefits of introducing incoming international students to lectures, discussions and readings on financial topics in English.

For more information on Financial Services Fundamentals, click here.