Learning legal English and American legal concepts

The Legal English Certificate Program devotes a full year to improving students’ legal English skills and providing an important foundation in core American legal concepts. BU Law’s Legal English Certificate Program (or ‘LECP’) was jointly developed with BU’s Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) and is taught entirely by BU Law instructors.

The program is a 25-credit, full-time residential experience where students follow a set curriculum that provides intensive instruction in legal English communication skills, as well as a graduated and foundational exposure to American legal culture, vocabulary, concepts and legal academic skills.

For further information, please contact us at bullm@bu.edu. If you are interested in more information about BU Law’s Legal English programs, download the program PDF here.

Hear From the Class of 2018

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  • Subphanida Kaewbubpha

    Subphanida Kaewbubpha - Thailand

    "The Legal English teachers are very attentive to the results of your language. Even small details, they will help students to fix. They are always trying to encourage you to improve."

  • Adel Alqatari

    Adel Alqatari - Kuwait

    "The Program not only helps with legal English, but also helps establish the foundational legal skills needed to succeed in an LLM program."

  • Jialun Xi

    Jialun Xi - China

    "Because the LLM program is only 9 months, I thought that if I came to America, one part is to learn the law. The other part is to experience life in a different country. A two year program gives you more time to experience life here."

  • Jiawei Yuan

    Jiawei Yuan - China

    "Professors in the first year not only taught me how to be a lawyer, but how to be a better person. Previously, if there was something I encountered that was unfair, I would just accept it. But now, if I do not agree, I have the confidence to address it when it happens."