Health Law Concentration

The Health Law Concentration capitalizes on the significant teaching and curriculum strengths within BU Law and other Boston University schools. It also provides students interested in the Health Law field with an opportunity to focus in a more systematic way on that area of law.

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Beginning with the class of 2024, the concentration requirements will change. Students in the class of 2023 may elect to complete the new concentration or the previous version.

A student may be certified as having completed a concentration in Health Law by meeting the following requirements:


Each track also requires the satisfactory completion of a substantial written work on a health-related topic. This requirement can be satisfied with the same written work that satisfies the existing Upperclass Writing Requirement. If the paper was done in a course, seminar, or for another purpose and the supervising professor is an adjunct (part-time) faculty member, then the faculty concentration advisor must review the paper and confirm that it satisfies the concentration paper requirement.

Note on CR/NC: Students may only take one elective class for CR/NC. Required courses and all other electives must be taken for a grade.

Students receiving a 3.5 average in the courses above will be certified as earning honors in the concentration. Please note: In accordance with BU Law policies, only BU Law courses will be included when calculating the law school grade point average and when determining whether a student has attained a 3.5 average. All Law courses and seminars taken that could be applied toward the concentration will be included in determining honors unless, by the end of the applicable add/drop period, a student designates, in writing, that he/she does not want a course/seminar that is taken that semester counted towards the concentration. The “opt-out” provision does not apply to courses/seminars that are needed to satisfy the minimum requirements for the concentration.

To ensure maximum flexibility for students in their future career decisions, the transcripts of students who elect the Health Law Concentration will not reflect the Concentration. However, the School of Law Registrar’s Office will record completion of the Concentration and honors in the Concentration and will make available official documentation of completion of the Concentration and honors.

Laura Stephens is the faculty advisor for the Health Law concentration and is available to answer students’ questions about the substantive aspects of the concentration. Administrative questions should be directed to Associate Dean Gerry Muir.


BU Law’s award-winning faculty includes numerous scholars and teachers with expertise in health law. From food and drug law, bioethics and family law to public health law, our faculty offers students a wide breadth of specialized skills in this dynamic field.