Two-Year LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Law

Course Requirements

First Year Required Courses:

  • LAW LE 650 U.S. Legal Discourse (6 cr.)
  • LAW LE 651 Academic Skills for U.S. Law Studies (3 cr.)
  • LAW LE 653 Legal Reasoning and Analysis (6 cr.)
  • LAW LE 655 Persuasive Legal Advocacy (2 cr.)
  • LAW AM 700 Introduction to American Law (2 cr.)
  • LAW AM 704 Legal Research and Writing Seminar for LLMs (2 cr.)
  • LAW SL 697S Academic Skills for the International Lawyer (0 cr.)  (2-week summer course)

First Year Elective Courses:

  • LAW LE 661 International Contracts and Negotiations (2 cr.)*
  • LAW LE 652 Introduction to U.S. Legal Culture (2 cr.)*
  • LAW AM 701 Professional Responsibility for International LLMs (2 cr.)
  • LAW AM 702 Property for LLMs (2 cr.)
  • LAW AM 703 Evidence for LLMs (2 cr.)
  • LAW AM 709 Fundamentals of U.S. Constitutional Law for LLM Students (2 cr.)
  • LAW AM 710 Criminal Law for LLMs (2 cr.)
  • LAW AM 813 Contract Law Practice for LLM Students: Understanding the US Lawyer’s Perspective
  • LAW AM 815 Corporations for LLMs (4 cr.)
  • LAW AM 715 Essential Bar Skills (2 cr.)
  • LAW TX 901 Federal Income Tax I (2 cr.)
  • LAW TX 902 Federal Income Tax II (2 cr.)

*Students with an English Language Assessment Score below TOEFL 100 or IELTS 7.0 will be automatically enrolled in these course electives. Eligibility for students with a waiver will be determined by the Two-Year LLM Faculty Director.

Second Year Requirements:

  • Professional Skills Lab Colloquium (0 cr.)

At least 3 of the following courses:

At least 5 credits from the following courses:

(Any course listed above in addition to the 3 required courses.)

Elective courses:

While the required “core” courses are offered annually, electives change each year as new professors join the faculty, some take sabbaticals, others visit, and new courses are added. During the academic year, LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Law students will earn the 24 credits required for the degree by completing the required courses listed above, and selecting their remaining courses from the following electives: