Logos & Brand Standards

Boston University School of Law is undertaking exciting new positioning that is based on extensive research and includes a new voice and a new look. This guide will help you understand that positioning—from overarching personality attributes to details about logo usage—and show how to incorporate it into communications for BU Law.


Rules of Law – Identity and Personality Standards for BU Law

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The world is changing. The future belongs to the smart, the progressive, the adaptive, the practical. It belongs to BU Law. To us. So long as we communicate our qualifications to lead legal education well into the new century.

Ultimately, our new positioning approach depends on you. Every employee and representative of BU Law can benefit from this guide. And the school will benefit from us all working together.

In this guide, you’ll find a discussion of the importance of branding. Research findings. Our positioning and attributes that support it. Tone and style of language. And, of course, details regarding our visual identity (logos, colors, typefaces, imagery, etc.). It is not a step-by-step guide, rigid terminology, or templates. The purpose is to free you, not tie your hands. To point you in a direction. To give you a starting point for your own creativity and judgment.

Whether creating a viewbook, press release, letter, or banner, you can help build our image by adhering to our standards so that all communication works toward a common goal. So please keep this guide handy. And feel free to ask questions. Together, we can make the future very bright for BU Law.

Starting right now! We’ve already begun implementing our new approach.