When Hackers Attack: A View of the Ensuing Chaos from the Inside

  • Starts: 3:30 pm on Wednesday, October 16, 2019
  • Ends: 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

This Cyber Alliance talk, featuring Cyber Security Affairs CEO and BU Law Alum ('90) Hemu Nigam, will explore the chaotic and conflicting challenges that arise inside a company when hackers attack or a critical privacy breach occurs. These events trigger concerns including legal compliance, public relations management, and protection of the interests of stakeholders, including customers and employees. Mr. Nigam will describe the typical reactions of key decision-makers within a firm—the CEO, CTO, CSO, CMO, CFO, GC, PR, and employees—and will consider the legal and economic incentives that shape their behavior.

Mr. Nigam will also explore the gap between perception and reality in corporate leaders' views about the stakeholders they are serving, as well as the reasons for this gap and what can be done about it. He will showcase the events that take place prior to the first press release or statement about an attack, including efforts to change the narrative. Never is there a more clear intersection of technology, policy, and law, than when hackers attack. The question is, how does one balance the fundamental challenges of today's digital and physical worlds while ensuring one's business can survive and continue to thrive?

There will be time for casual conversation and light refreshments before and after the presentation. Please RSVP to tgabs@bu.edu.

Seminar Room, Hariri Institute for Computing, 111 Cummington Mall