Col Owens (’77) Writes Memoir About His Life, Bending the Arc Toward Justice, and His Passion for Social Justice

Col Owens could write a book called “All I learned in Sunday school, I put to work for the rest of my life.” Instead, Col Owens wrote a book, a memoir, and he called it, Bending the Arc Toward Justice.

Make no mistake about it, though, Owens has pursued a life of purpose and passion seeking social justice for those who couldn’t find it for themselves. And that, indeed, took root in Sunday School with all the feed-the-hungry, clothe-the-poor, heal-the-sick, do-unto-others and love-thy-neighbor teachings. . .the things that become part of an earnest child’s very core.

His book tells the story of his life and his career, a rich mixture of different pieces leading to a sense of balance and worth.

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