David Guzman’s Newest CD “A Mis Viejos”

Congratulations to our colleague, David Guzman, Assistant Professor of Music and Voice in BU’s College of Fine Arts, on the release of his latest CD album, “A Mis Viejos.” Recorded in August 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and released on December 10, 2023, under El Yeite Records,  the album showcases an eclectic mix of Argentine rhythms, including tango, milonga, zamba, waltz, and Huayno. This collaborative project between David Guzman and Nestor Basurto, a revered figure in Argentine folklore, highlights Basurto’s multifaceted talents as a singer, guitar player, composer, and arranger, while Guzman’s contributions add depth and emotion to Basurto’s compositions. Beyond its musical brilliance, the album serves as a tribute to Basurto’s enduring legacy and his significant impact on Argentine music.

Listeners are invited on a mesmerizing journey through the soul-stirring melodies and rhythms of Argentine folk music with “A Mis Viejos.” Basurto’s compositions, complemented by contributions from renowned composers such as Mariano Mores, Homers Esposito, Alberto Cortes, and Federico Leone, embody his distinctive style and unwavering dedication to preserving and innovating Argentine folkloric music.

Listen here: https://davidguzmán.hearnow.com/a-mis-viejos

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