Human Rights Backlash in Latin America: Venezuela, El Salvador, and Guatemala (11.09.23)

Join us for a talk by Dr. Carlos Ponce on Human Rights Backlash in Latin America: Venezuela, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Thursday, November 9 • 12:30 to 1:30 PM
Pardee School of Global Studies, 121 Bay State Road
Lunch provided • RSVP using form below.

Dr. Carlos Ponce is an educator, researcher, consultant, artist, and practitioner.

Currently a learning facilitator at the Questrom School of Business, Dr. Ponce has over three decades of experience working in the fields of governance, civil society development, nonprofit management, networking, public-private partnerships, social movements, human rights and democracy empowerment in the US and globally. He has monitored, fundraised, and executed program activities for an extensive portfolio of private and public donor-funded programs, including USAID, DRL, OTI, DOS, IAF, NED, European Union, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, DFAIT, World Bank, CAF, IAF, Kellogg, and the Tinker Foundation, among others.

He was the Director for Latin American and the Caribbean and a Senior LAC Fellow at Freedom House where he successfully managed a multimillion regional portfolio with multiple programs in various countries. He is active in the media as an El Tiempo Latino newspaper columnist, writes op-eds and articles for several newspapers in the US and Latin America, has published several books, and he was the Co-Editor of the Nueva Politica Magazine.

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