Event Highlights: Political Reactions to Changing Societies in Latin America

The first annual Crossroads in Latin American Studies lecture at BU’s Center for Latin American Studies – Political Reactions to Changing Societies in Latin America – was given by Maria Victoria Murillo, Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs and Director of the Institute of Latin American Studies at Columbia University, on Monday, April 10, 2023.

Maria Victoria Murillo is the author of Labor Unions, Partisan Coalitions, and Market Reforms in Latin America, which was translated as Sindicatos, Coaliciones Partidarias y Reformas de Mercado en América Latina by Siglo XXI Editores and Political Competition, Partisanship, and Policymaking in the Reform of Latin American Public Utilities. Her research on distributive politics in Latin America has covered labor politics and labor regulations, public utility reform, education reform, agricultural policies, and economic policy more generally.

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