Hans V. Hogerzeil


Hans V. Hogerzeil is Professor of Global Health at Groningen University (Netherlands). In Groningen every year about 100 students, many of which from outside the Netherlands, combine their medical undergraduate training with an additional profile on global health, on which they spend about a quarter of their studies, for three years. From 1978 till 1983 he was a mission doctor in India and Ghana and in 1985 he joined the WHO Action Programme on Essential Medicines. In that capacity he has advised over forty countries, including S-Africa, India and China, and recently Morocco, Ghana, Uganda and Iran, on the development of their national medicines policy. From 1999 to 2008 he was Secretary of the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and from 2004 to 2011 he was WHO Director for Essential Medicines in Geneva. He is the editor of several well-known WHO books, including Estimating drug requirements (1988), How to investigate drug use in health facilities (1993), the Guide to Good Prescribing (1994), the Guidelines for drug donations (1996), the New emergency health kit (1998), and the second edition of How to develop and implement a national medicine policy (2001). He also wrote over 60 scientific papers on essential medicines policies. His current interests focus on access to essential medicines as part of the progressive realization of the right to health. He is a founding member of the Global Health Law Groningen Research Centre (2015), which operates at the interface of international law and public health, with research on the ways Low- and Middle-Income Countries use domestic legislation to promote the right to health and universal health coverage.

Recent publications of interest:

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Hogerzeil HV. Big Pharma and Social Responsibility – the Access to Medicine Index. New Eng J Med 2013; 369 (10): 896-899