Charlie McMahon

SAR’23 Human Physiology, Pre-Med

Hi! My name is Charlie McMahon and I am a senior in the Human Physiology program on the pre-med track in Sargent College. I am originally from Norwell, Massachusetts.

Within KHC, I am currently serving as one of the co-chairs of the Kilachand Leadership Advisory Board and I am a Kilachand Peer Mentor for first-year students. Outside of KHC, I am also the President of Alpha Epsilon Delta, BU’s pre-health honor society, and am a Dean’s Host in Sargent College. Additionally, I have experience with study abroad, as a participant in this summer’s Padova, Italy Mediterranean Diet Seminar, a program coordinated through Sargent College and BU Study Abroad. When I am not in class or studying, I love exploring Boston. I am a big foodie and love finding new restaurants with my friends or cooking new recipes in my apartment. Though I went to high school in the city, I think there is always something new to discover in Boston. Additionally, I am a HUGE BU Hockey fan and grew up cheering on the Terriers for as long as I can remember. I love spending Friday and Saturday nights at Agganis Arena cheering on my favorite team with my best friends.

I have loved my experience in Kilachand and can honestly not imagine what my life would be like without it. Many of my closest friends are also in the college. Kilachand has allowed me to meet so many people that I never would have crossed paths with otherwise. I have also loved having the opportunity to take classes in disciplines totally outside of my major, such as my two seminars on Propaganda and Forensic Anthropology!

Please reach out if you want to learn more about my experiences in KHC, the Human Physiology program, being pre-med or anything else!

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